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this is the story of a girl...who cried a river then kicked your ass

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the sickness in me is
hammering through my chest
i can barely breathe
praying each breath is my last
i'm standing on the edge
of this great abyss of unknown
shaken from my core
that i'll lose this great empire
i've built from ash and bone
is the future nothing more
than a dark hole
sucking the light out of my soul

as my skin melts from my body
i rise from the flames
a dripping mass of blood and ash
never again to be whole

in my agony my arms shall bleed
the tears i cannot cry
beauty gone, substance decayed
i scream yet can't be heard

as i rage against my captors
silently inside
i see their bodies mangled, rotting
maggots in their eyes
my rage is delicately contained
behind my childlike smile
while in my mind i slowly saw
their bodies into shreds

my thoughts collapse
and i am left
to stare at my fleshless bones
the birds long ago
picked away the decay
i am here alone

i'm standing on the edge again
this great abyss of unknown
i fall to my knees
take one last breath
i die a broken soul
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http://www.angelfire.com/poetry/mercifuldeath/ This is my poetry website with a bunch of my old poetry. I'm posting it here so I stop losing the link. It's got some of my oldest poetry om it!
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One day sober
Just one day
Easier said than done
I crave the sharp pinch
Of a needle in my arm
The rush
Even the slight nausea
Welcome to the mind of an addict
I would do anything to
Float forever in the haze of
Numb nothingness that I so love
My marriage to you is eternal
Sweet surrender of a thousand nights
Spent spinning, dizzy in your embrace
Oh sweet heroin
My love, my life, my downfall
Hold me forever and wait for me
As I spend
One day sober
One day at a time...
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What was your favorite game as a child, and why? With whom did you play it?

When I was a kid I used to pretend I was a unicorn with my best friend Theresa. We were unicorn princesses that were changed into humans to protect us from an evil witch and most of our games involved escaping from the witch and going on adventures through magical forests, playing with fairies and other animals, building forts for hiding out, etc.
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