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Girl Uninterupted

this is the story of a girl...who cried a river then kicked your ass

Mercy Morgan
28 February 1986
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I am...a force of nature that blows into a room and disrupts everything, explodes in power and rage so suddenly.
I am a hypocrite and a contradiction.
I am learning how to love, one day at a time.
I am hopelessly codependent with my fiance in the best way.
I am insane. No seriously. But they medicated it outta me.
I am a little girl with the rage of a giant.
I have no idea who I am. I'm still finding myself.

I am my own creation...I am I.
afi, anne rice vampire cronicals, any crime drama, dexter series, eminem, hangin out with felons, heroin, otep, tapping the vein, twilight